Top Five Best Organic Baby Foods

Top Five Best Organic Baby Foods

So, you are at that stage where you are about to start weaning your baby and are looking for the best foods to start with. Well, why don’t you start with the best organic baby foods and watch how your child adapts to them?

Weaning is not easy, especially for the first few weeks when you are still confused about what is good and what is bad for the baby. It is also a challenge when your baby refuses to eat anything that you have prepared for them either because the taste does not appeal or the texture isn’t good enough for them.

The good news is the challenges that you face on the first day of weaning can be made better if you introduce your baby to healthy and clean food that they can gradually adapt to and, eventually, grow fond of.

Using organic baby foods is an excellent way to start the weaning chapter. Most people are into the organic trend today – from organic cosmetics to organic foods. Some do it for the feel-good part of it but majority of the people do it for the health benefits that organic stuff presents.

If you want your baby to develop in a healthy way, then organic baby food is the way to go.

What is good about organic baby foods?

First of all, organic foods are not foods that are greatly advised by most doctors and nutritionists simply because they present significant health benefits to the human body. These foods are also free from toxic chemicals and genetically-modified ingredients.

Therefore, by giving your baby organic foods, you provide them with healthy nutrients for their growth and development and do not fill them with junky and unhealthy food options that the market is replete with.

Organic baby foods are tasty, especially after the baby adapts to their flavors. Although they lack artificial sweeteners of non-organic foods, when you introduce your baby to organic foods, they get to adapt to the taste. Later on, they start to find them tasty and love them as much as they would other foods.

By choosing to feed your baby organic foods, you choose to support environment-friendly ways of living which is a good thing. Organic foods use organic ingredients. Their farming, reaping and processing promote less pollution and also release less harmful gasses and chemicals into the environment.

Here are some of the best organic baby foods based on quality, nutritional value and price:

Happy Tot Organic Super Foods Stage 4

Trying to find a convenient way of getting veggies into your baby’s mouth? Try Happy Tot Organic Super Foods stage 4. This USDA certified baby product is an excellent brand offering adequate and essential nutrients to toddlers for healthy growth and development.

The multiple flavors presented with this brand make it easy for babies to adapt to a flavor or flavors that they prefer therefore you can feed them veggies in a taste they love while getting all the nutrients that Happy Tot offers. The flavors Include: Green Bean Pear & Pea, Spinach Mango & Pear, and Sweet Potato Apple Carrot & Cinnamon.

Additionally, this baby food product contains chia seeds that are widely known for having Omega 3 – a vital nutrient for strength.

Happy Tot Organic pouches are also very convenient as the baby can eat the veggie content directly from them. This makes the product a great option for outings or while traveling.

What is also great about this particular baby food is that apart from being super delicious and healthy, it is also affordable as its market price is quite low for the nutritional value that you receive from the product.

The only disadvantage of this product is that you can’t see the contents of the pack directly from the pouch. Therefore, you do not know if there are any foreign objects in the pack. This, however, can be easily resolved as you can simply pour the content into a bowl and inspect it before feeding your baby.

Plum Organics Baby Second Blends Fruit and Veggie Pack

Plum Organics is a company that prides itself for providing exceptional quality and flavors in baby foods. The fact that all their products are USDA certified assures you that preservatives, artificial sweaters or genetically-modified ingredients are not present in their products. This makes it a healthy and safe food product for babies.

If your baby is turning six months or older or is in the second phase of weaning, then the Plum Organics Baby Food fruit and veggie pack is an excellent second stage starter for your baby. The mixed fruit and vegetable flavors of this product make it an interesting meal even for a picky eater.

The pack contains six pouches of Peach Banana and Apricot, six pouches of Apple and Carrot as well as six pouches of Apple and Broccoli.

The easy-to-feed pouch has reusable cap so that you can reseal the pouch whenever necessary to avoid food contamination. Moreover, this food product is convenient to carry around when you are going for picnics or to the beach, clinics or long distance travels. Apart from that, the buying price is great.

Happy Bellies Organic Baby Cereals with DHA + Pre & Probiotics

If you want to shop for Happy Bellies baby products, go looking or asking for Happy Babies products since the name has recently been rebranded from Happy Bellies to Happy Babies.

This baby food is a product of Happy Babies food manufacturers. They are known mostly for producing foods with probiotics that strengthen baby’s digestive system while protecting them from developing allergies.

As far as the nutritional value goes, this baby food is packed with amazing nutrients such as DHA for brain and eye development as well as iron, calcium, and riboflavin for healthy growth and overall development.

Apart from that, Happy Bellies baby cereal is enriched with amaranth and quinoa that provide great nutritional value to the baby’s immune system. To top it all up, the Happy Bellies products are 100% certified. This means that they don’t contain preservatives or any artificial sweeteners.

What’s disappointing about this product is the fact that it goes bad too quickly. Therefore, be careful and do not give your baby the food that was purchased long ago as it could be past its expiry date.

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron

It is true that organic infant formula is more expensive than other formula options available in the market. However, the value you get from organic formulas is anytime preferable over the toxins that you will be getting from non-organic formulas.

This means that the decision to buy organic formula should not be based solely on the price. You should consider type, quality and variety of other brands and take into account what they offer.

One of the best organic infant formulas is Earth’s Best infant formula which is presented by world’s renowned baby food manufacturers – Earth’s Best. This formula offers you a good balance of nutrients as well as value for your money.

According to many customer reviews, toddlers tend to respond very well to this particular formula because of its flavor, which is close to breast milk.

The largest can of 35 ounce of this milk formula costs about $37. Therefore, it is not only a better choice in terms of flavor and nutrients, but also for its price. Packed with extra vitamins, affordable price and lovable flavor, Earth’s Best organic infant formula is among the best choices in the market.

Baby’s Only Toddler Formula, Dairy with DHA & ARA

Baby’s Only Toddler Formula has been rated as the best organic baby formula in the market for a long time now. This USDA certified formula is considered safe for your baby’s consumption as it is free from preservatives and other harmful chemicals that may potentially cause harm to your baby.

This baby formula is known to be an excellent formula choice for babies with lactose intolerance. This is because the DHA used in this particular product is extracted from egg yolk; unlike other formula brands that use DHA from algae and fungus.

Egg yolk DHA is easily digested and also offers great nutritional value to toddlers. Baby’s Only Toddlers Formula also contains essential nutrients such as iron for the continued growth and development of babies.

Although the product is said to be for babies who are one year old and above, nutritionists advise to give it to infants too as it has great nutritious content.

The drawback of this formula is that it does contain sweeteners. Although they are not artificial, this raises the alarm for high arsenic level which is discouraged in infant foods.

How to choose the best organic baby food?

Choosing organic baby food means that you are choosing safe and healthy food option for your baby. This way, you keep your baby safe from chemical harm and also from toxic ingredients present in non-organic food stuff. These harmful elements include pesticides, herbicides, GMO ingredients and chemical fertilizers.

However, how do you ensure that a particular food product that you choose for your baby is the best? Here are a few simple tips to help you:

  • When choosing organic baby food, make sure that you look at the label. You should be knowledgeable about the different levels of organics. If you are not, here is a tip:

Products that say ‘made with organics’ simply mean that they only contain some organic ingredients and could also contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives or other chemical ingredients. 100% organic label means that the product is made with all-organic ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They are therefore safe for your baby.

Those labeled as GM free are only free from genetically-modified ingredients. However, it does not guarantee that they are free from other chemical ingredients such as artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

  • Always examine the ingredients list carefully. Some products’ contents may differ from what the ingredients list says and you may end up feeding your baby something dangerous or simply something that you didn’t want to. For this reason, always compare the ingredients on the list with what is indicated on the pack. For example, if it is pear and spinach blend, make sure that pear and spinach are mentioned in the ingredients list too.
  • The expiration and manufacture dates are also important to look at when choosing a baby food product. Food that is deemed safe for consumption should have a reasonable gap between date of purchase and when it is consumed. Additionally, some shelves may store expired products which is very dangerous. Therefore, always check the expiry dates before buying the product and feeding the baby any food.
  • Are you familiar with the available organic baby food brands in the market today? If yes, it is good for you. If no, then make a point to know them. By knowing these brands, you will be able to distinguish between the brands that offer quality and safe baby food products and the ones that don’t. You can also compare the price of various brands and choose what works for you in terms of value for money.
  • Price. Although price may be an unimportant factor while choosing products, it still indicates the difference between high quality, medium quality, and low quality. As far as baby food is concerned, the more you are willing to spend, the better quality you will get. It is that simple. If you want value for money, then simply consider upping your budget for the high quality that you want in your baby food.
  • Preparation method. Whether you want ready-to-eat food or the one that needs to be cooked, you have to factor in the process of preparation that comes with the product instructions.

How to make organic baby food?

Organic baby food can be bought from local grocery stores, online shops and you can also order it directly from the manufacturing company’s website. Alternatively, you can buy frozen organic baby food and store it for later use. Frozen food allows you to thaw the exact amount that you need at a time and preserve the rest.

Freezing the food does not compromise the nutrients in the food. Instead, it is a natural way to preserve them. Some baby food companies supply frozen baby food that can be bought at their retail outlets.

However, if you cannot find ready made organic food in stores or just want to experience the fun and satisfaction of preparing food for your baby personally, here is a simple guide to follow:

1. First of all, get all the necessary equipment ready. Make sure that you have a pan, blender, freezing bags, wrapping items and ice trays.

2. Clean and sterilize the equipment in hot water before using them to prepare baby food.

3. Now, lay out your organic fruits and vegetables, making sure that they are fresh and truly organic.

4. Peel and slice the fruits or vegetable and place them into a saucepan with the right amount of water.

5. Put the pan on very low heat, just enough to steam the veggies or fruits until they become tender and then, put them aside.

6. Next, blend the steamed vegetables or fruits with minimal water if necessary.

7. If you need a fruits and vegetables mix, then mix the steamed veggies and fruits and blend them together using a blender.

8. Now, place the blended mixture in the ice cube tray and wrap it to keep them fresh. Use plastic wraps to wrap food as they are preferable mode of wrapping.

9. Put the wraps in the freezing bags, seal them and place them in the freezer within the first 48 hours of preparation.

That’s it. You have your homemade organic baby food ready for whenever you need it. Just make sure that you thaw it well before feeding the baby. Make sure that you label the bags with dates of preparation and contents so that you can easily sort them out and dispose any food that is past its due date, which should be within 3 months.


There is nothing as satisfying as knowing that your little child feeds on the safest and most nutritious food. With the high chemical contents present in most of the food stuff today, getting the right food that passes all the infant nutritional standards is not easy.

However, organic baby foods have made it less cumbersome and all you need to do is identify a brand that works best for you and stick to it.

Among the best organic baby foods, Plum Organics baby food stands tall over its competition. It is flavorful, purely organic and quite affordable.

Baby’s Only Toddlers Organic Formula is arguably the best formula for babies in the market today. This formula can be fed to infants as well as to babies who are one year and older. The gluten-free content and egg yolk DHA make it great for kids who are prone to allergic reactions and belly problems.

Its all-organic ingredients make it an excellent choice for mothers who are looking for the next best alternative to breast milk. It is packed with nutrients such as high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. These nutrients help facilitate continued growth and development of the baby.