Baby food for constipation

baby crying because of constipation

What Baby Foods Help To Relieve Symptoms Of Constipation?

Usually, parents are stuck dealing with babies that are anything but constipated. While the other side of things is most common, constipation is also quite common. When it does happen, just like with anything else, you are probably heading right to the doctor, am I right?

Maybe not if this isn’t your first child, but there is nothing wrong with being cautious. At the same time, you have to grow as a parent and learn different things that can help you handle issues that arise with your baby. In this instance, let’s take a look at baby food for babies that are constipated? What can you feed your baby, and what else should you be doing to help clear up your child’s constipation?

High Fiber Foods

One thing you will notice that the experts recommend is high fiber foods. Now, of course, you can’t go feeding your baby a slice of pepperoni pizza on a whole grain crust. So what high fiber baby food are we talking about here?

What’s the best? Think back to your baby food days. What was one of the most common flavors you still might be able to taste a hint of today, with a grimace, and not sweet potatoes. It is the banana flavored everything that a lot of people remember, too.

While that is just one of the popular flavors, it is representative of the opposite of what you want to feed your baby when he or she is constipated. There are other foods you want to avoid, too. As you can see, it is just as important to omit foods as it is to add the right high fiber foods. So why are banana baby foods so common? They help promote a more solid stool and think about it. If you have ever changed a baby’s diaper, you have already redirected yourself to remember that your baby is usually anything but constipated.

That being said, when your baby is constipated, you avoid the baby foods that usually promote a solid stool. Other foods that fall into that category include cereal, carrots, cheese and rice, among other things. Remember, too, that babies can eat differently as they age, so the age of your baby will have everything to do with food strategy on this.

The Important thing is to pick the right foods to systematically improve the symptoms of your baby’s constipation while keeping your child well fed. As mentioned previously, at anytime you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to a medical professional or perhaps a more experienced loved one that could lend some advice.

prunes are high in fiber and help baby constipationNow let’s get to the foods that you do want to use to help fight your baby’s constipation. Can you believe one of the top suggestions is prunes? As adults, we try to forget about prunes until we are old and use them for the same reason. Prunes are really good as a, well, natural laxative. Aside from prunes, other good choices include peaches, pears and apricots. As you can tell, there is a theme with fibrous fruits here. You just have to leave the banana baby food out of the mix for now.

Not only do you have to know what foods you leave out along with those helpful baby foods, but you also have to address beverages. The very first and definitely simple strategy is to up your baby’s water intake. That should help, and while these things certainly do happen, consider at the same time after learning all of this how you might be able to better prevent it from happening next time. Maybe a better dietary mix of foods would do the trick now.

Instead of 90 percent of the baby foods including bananas, you can scale it back to 75. In all seriousness, you know what to feed your baby now, and let’s keep looking at beverages and also other things you can do to help relieve your baby’s constipation. Babies love milk and babies need water, but they also love juice. Why do babies latch onto juice so much? It is the natural sugar. At two, they will show you what they will do if given any sugar.

Juice is good for babies when constipated, and guess what; you might have actually guessed what was coming as the suggestion, prune juice. That would be the best suggestion, but you have other options, in direct relation to the fruits mentioned early. So while the mashed version of any fruit on the list is going to help, perhaps one of the best methods is the same thing in liquid form.

Now, to approach a problem like this on just the dietary front is leaving things out. You want your baby to have the chance to move around. Movement can be key to getting your baby’s digestive system working properly. A good example of what you can do is something that parents do all the time with their babies. For one, they are always having to change their diapers. Bicycle legs is also good and involves legs up and legs in motion with your baby on his or her back.

This isn’t a fitness video so be very careful. As though you are getting ready to change your baby’s diaper, lift his or her legs up and just move them gently in a circular pattern. Now you have an extra tip to boot to go along with all of the other natural foods and other dietary strategies discussed. Your baby will soon be over the constipation, and you will be finding yourself fighting off baby diarrhoea instead.

You will smile and laugh and probably think about bananas and prunes. You might not smile when those diapers smell so bad they could level a fleet of soldiers. But still, that too shall pass and count those blessings. It is those days you will recall when your baby grows to be an adult and the days of worrying about baby foods for constipation are long over. Cherish the moments while you have them.

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