Baby’s Only Toddler Formula Review

Baby’s Only Toddler Formula Review

Nowadays, almost everything is filled with chemical substances and artificial additives that are not only harmful to the environment, but also are harmful to your health. Items like food, healthcare products and cosmetics are almost always chemically produced or contain one toxic substance or the other.

Experts have revealed time and again that some of these substances that are especially found in food items are very harmful. They are the leading cause of terminal illnesses such as cancer, heart conditions, liver conditions, kidney conditions and even some birth deformities are linked to the substances contained in the food that we eat.

Taking a closer look at this, can you imagine that if these chemicals can be so dangerous to adult human beings, then what impact would they have on little children and toddlers whose immune system is underdeveloped and weak?

It is no wonder that health experts and nutritionists insist on exclusive breastfeeding for babies to give time for development of the immune system and other vital body organs.

Sadly, not all mothers can adhere to this strict rule for different reasons. In such cases, the best available option is to get formula milk to substitute breast milk which itself is not a very easy choice.

Although there are many formula brands available in the market, only a few pass the criterion of the best in all aspects. One such brand is Baby’s Only. Its Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula brand is a good one.

It is an excellent formula product that is not only high in nutritional value, affordable and convenient, but also is purely organic. Read on to find out more about this baby formula.


  • This formula comprises hexane-free DHA and ARA.
  • The DHA content present in the formula is extracted from egg yolk which is considered to be more natural; unlike the DHA used in other formula milk which is extracted from algae and fungus.
  • Iron fortified.
  • 100% organic and USDA certified.
  • Gluten free.
  • Provides essential nutrients that cannot be found in cow or goat milk.


  • Baby’s only organic toddler formula is produced with hexane-free DHA. Hexane is what the moms fear in formula milk. The DHA used in this formula milk is extracted from egg yolk which is the most natural form of DHA after the one found in breast milk. The method of extraction is also hexane free as the safety and purity of hexane are not reliable.
  • With this baby formula, your baby will experience excellent taste and flavor. Unlike most baby foods that are too bland for a child’s liking, this baby formula is neither too bland nor too sweet and it does not encourage baby to develop sweet tooth. Its average taste makes it an excellent choice for formula milk as your baby can easily adapt to it and eventually start to adore it.
  • If your child is the type that gets allergies from gluten and other substances, then this organic milk formula is what you should be getting. Baby’s Only Organic Toddler Formula is gluten free and does not utilize corn syrup which is the main ingredient that causes allergies in babies.
  • All Baby’s Only products are 100% organic; just like this milk formula. All the ingredients and processes used in getting the final milk powder are organic certified. This means that it does not contain any potentially harmful substances. The dairy products used are obtained from farms that use organic means and components to produce the products while other ingredients (such as DHA) are derived in chemical-free environments using chemical-free processes.
  • The most important aspect of this formula is the high nutritional value that it offers. All ingredients are of top quality and highly nutritious. The mineral content ratio is excellent and balanced enough to ensure that the baby gets all the possible nutrients in equal and relevant measures.


  • The formula generates too much gas and therefore is not ideal for toddlers with tummy issues as it may cause constipation.


As mentioned earlier, Baby’s Only Organic Toddlers Formula is so far the best organic formula for toddlers in the market. If you are a parent who is very specific about each and every ingredient of your baby’s food, then this is for you.

This organic toddler formula is iron fortified and is developed by people who firmly believe in the purity and essence of feeding babies healthy and clean food. Although the label says it is for toddlers, the formula can be fed even to infants. However, many people think that it is only meant for older babies.

Remember that this milk formula is purely organic and does not contain any substance that may cause harm to your little bundle of joy. Furthermore, it is easily digestible therefore you don’t have to worry about the baby getting constipated.

Investing in Baby’s Only Organic Toddler’s Formula will ensure that your baby is not left out on the essential nutrients that only breast milk is supposed to offer.

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