Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron Review

Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron Review

There is an overwhelming number of infant baby formulas in the market today and finding what’s best for your infant baby can be a really challenging task.

On the other hand, milk formulas these days are associated with too much controversy and debates for containing harmful chemicals that should not be fed to babies. I can’t tell if this is true or not as there hasn’t been any scientific report or proof to ascertain these claims.

Nonetheless, formula milk can be a great addition to your baby’s diet, especially if you are a working mom and need something to supplement breast milk while you are away at work.

On the other hand, some moms tend to suffer with low supply of breast milk and therefore are forced to seek alternative options to supplement the baby’s diet. This is where formula milk comes into the picture to help moms supplement and fulfill their baby’s nursing needs.

A great option for moms looking for the best infant formula is Earth’s Best Infant Organic Baby Formula. Read on if you want to know more about this product.


  • This formula is recommended for the first 12 months.
  • It is a USDA certified organic product. This means that it has no artificial flavors and colors, no preservatives, no genetically-modified ingredients, no growth hormones, chemicals or substances that may cause harm to the baby.
  • Contains DHA and ARA which are components found in natural breast milk and are responsible for eye and brain development.
  • Processed with probiotics to aid in strengthening baby’s immunity.
  • It is Iron fortified. This is necessary for baby’s continual growth and development.
  • Packaged in re-sealable can.


  • Earth’s Best Infant Baby formula offers great nutritional benefits to infant babies as it contains most, if not all, essential nutrients for the healthy growth and development of the baby. These nutrients include high-quality proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and even fatty acids. DHA and ARA are very important for a baby’s developmental process.
  • This formula contains substances that enhance eye and brain development of babies.
  • Earth’s Best is a certified organic baby food brand and so is this infant organic baby formula. They utilize dairy from cows that are fed organically-grown grass and hay. The dairy content is also derived from farms where chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides and growth hormones are prohibited. This assures you of the purity of this formula milk when you feed your baby. Additionally, artificial preservatives, flavor and colors are not used in the production of this formula.
  • Apart from all the other advantages of this product, it will be unfair not to mention that it is easily digested into the body. All ingredients used to make this formula meet FDA organic standards for infant nutrition and therefore do not compromise on safety and ease of digestion. This is how baby food should be.
  • This infant milk formula is also convenient and affordable. The formula contents come packed in re-sealable can. This helps you use the can for a good amount of time and also prevents contamination. Additionally, the formula can be stored in a refrigerator and reheated at your convenience. For all the qualities that Earth’s Best Infant Organic milk formula offers, it retails only at $1.10 per ounce. This price is way cheaper than that of other organic infant formulas.


  • Some customers complain that the formula has too much froth. Therefore, it generates too much gas.
  • The presence of DHA and syrup solids makes the formula’s safety and nutritional value questionable.


If you are looking for the best infant formula with organic ingredients, then Earth’s Best Organic Infant formula with iron is the best you can get in the market.

This infant formula is made to supplement a mother’s milk while providing the baby with the same taste, feel and value that breast milk provides. It is an excellent choice for mothers who want their baby to be comfortable when they are not around.

Additionally, this infant milk formula has high nutritional value and comprises quality proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that are essential to the baby’s nutritional needs.

Earth’s Best Infant Formula is just like a mother’s breast milk if the DHA and ARA fatty acids are anything to go by. These acids are added in reasonable quantities to make the formula milk as real as possible.

If you are in search for the best infant baby formula, then you just landed on the right product. It is, without a doubt, the best brand of baby formula. You will never go wrong with this product when it comes to nutritional value, safety, taste and flavor. What is more? Despite its high- quality content, this formula milk is reasonably priced.

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