Happy Baby Clearly Crafted, Organic Baby Food Stage 2 Review

Happy Baby Clearly Crafted, Organic Baby Food Stage 2 Review

There is no shortage of baby foods—even organic baby foods—on the market. However, very few are both nutritious and tasty. And that’s where the problem for young moms lies. There’s no point in ordering a baby food with good nutritious value if your young one will refuse to eat it because of bad taste or odor.

Many who’ve tried this organic baby food believe Happy Baby has come with a winner. Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is said to be healthy as well as delicious.

Read our detailed review to find out if this really is the case.


  • Made of organic zucchini and includes sweet peas and pears
  • Certified USDA Organic (Kosher and Free of Gluten, GMOs, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners)
  • Clear packaging
  • Suitable for babies aged 6 months+


  • Organic, healthy food

Has your young one started exploring the wide world of solid foods? Well, then, you must train him to eat healthy. The word ‘organic’ is synonymous with good health and this baby food by Happy Baby is certified USDA organic.

Made with wholesome organic vegetables and fruit purees, Happy Baby Organic Baby Food packs a punch with every bite. But that’s not all… The recipe celebrates the pleasant-tasting flavor or organically-produced zucchini and includes pears and sweat peas, two ingredients which kids love most, making it an extremely tasty meal as well.

There are many Baby Foods out there which contains good stuff along with some unhealthy ingredients, but not Happy Baby Organic Baby Food. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or added sugars. As it is organically-produced, there are no GMOs in it.

A blend of fruits and vegetables give it a rich texture and flavor. There’s no corn syrup in this baby food. And it’s not just the baby food that is devoid of harmful ingredients, the pouch too is free of bad chemicals, like BPA.

  • Promote healthy eating

Vegetables and fruits are extremely healthy for toddlers, just as they are for grown-ups. If your kid doesn’t like them yet, serving him a delicious puree is a great way to introduce him to healthy eating. This baby food is not only healthy but also delicious and your kid is surely going to love it.

While this particular baby food contains sweat peas and pears, other flavors are also available from Happy Baby. If your kid gets bored of or doesn’t like one particular flavor, you can try others.

  • Clear Pouches

These pouches are completely transparent. You don’t need to guess if there’s enough puree for your young one’s next meal. You can see the quantity left clearly. Clear pouches also allow you to see if there’s something yucky or wrong with the puree.

  • Convenient to Carry Around

Because these pouches are not big, although each pouch is sufficient for one meal, if not more, they are easy to carry around. You can just throw them into the diaper bag or stash a few in your car.

Anytime your young one feels hungry, you can feed him this tasty, nutritious puree. It can be served straight from the pouch or through a spoon, whichever is convenient.


  • Slightly less expensive

Well, the Happy Baby Organic Baby Food is so yummy and healthy that you are likely to left wishing it was a little less costly. In truth, under $2 a pouch, it is actually not expensive. However, it is also not a bargain. Maybe good things cost accordingly.

  • Not too much avocado

The ingredients are clearly displayed on the packet. The puree doesn’t contain a lot of avocado in it, which is a slight disappointment.

Verdict—Should I buy it?

Clearly nutritious and absolutely delicious, Happy Baby Organic Baby Food makes for a wholesome meal for your kid. The baby food is free from harmful things like artificial

Made from zucchini, grown in organic farms in California’s Santa Clara Valley, and containing sweat peas and pears, this baby food is a perfect meal as well as an anytime snack for babies age 6 months or above.

Thanks to a clear design of the pouch, you can see how much puree is left in it. The pouches are easy to carry, so now you can feed your child healthy, nutritious food on the go too.

While Happy Baby Clearly Crafted, Organic Baby Food, Stage 2 is just a little on the expensive side, its high-quality ingredients, nutritional value, and yummy taste make it an attractive buy even at this price. This baby food is suitable for babies 6 months old or above.

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