Happy Bellies Organic Baby Foods Review

Happy Bellies Organic Baby Foods Review

As a mother, it is natural and totally right to want nothing but the best for your child. And the best also applies to what goes inside your baby’s tummy in terms of food. From solids, to milk to everything it all has to pass your desired health and safety standards.

However, many people give very little importance to the difference between organic food and non-organic ones and that is where the problems begin.

You need to understand that the amount of toxins present in non-organic baby foods can totally destroy your baby’s undeveloped body organs and immune system. And therefore, the only way to save the baby from such destruction is to go organic for his foods.

With the large variety of organic baby food products available in the market today, it is easy to get confused on what is genuine and what is not. But with Happy Bellies Organic Baby Foods, there is no room for confusion as everything is totally made with 100% organic certified ingredients.


  • This baby food is made with 100% percent organic ingredients and therefore does not contain any toxic substances that might harm your little bundle of joy.
  • With one purchase of the Happy Bellies organic baby food, you get a variety pack to allow your baby explore different flavors everyday
  • The baby food majorly comprises of multigrain, oatmeal and brown rice which are all equally nutritious to the baby
  • It has DHA that is essential for eye and cognitive development
  • It also has other nutrients like iron, vitamins and minerals which are all essential to growth and development


  • Happy Bellies Organic baby food has it quality certified by USDA. This means that the producers of this baby food have been authorized to advertise and supply their products as organic. The produce used to make this baby food are sourced from organic certified farms. These farms are prepared and produce farmed without the use of GMO ingredients, pesticides, artificial fertilizers or any other toxic substances.
  • This baby cereals are fortified with probiotics that consist of good bacteria to help in his digestive development. This makes this particular baby food an excellent starter for introducing your baby to solids without the fear of him getting constipated, developing allergic reactions, experience lactose intolerance, and even developing any bowel irritations and ailments. The probiotics in this baby food ensure that all is well with your baby’s tummy after feeding.
  • This baby food by Happy Bellies provides you with utmost convenience and versatile. The cereals are packaged in six 7oz containers which contain 2 multigrain, 2 oatmeal and 2 brown rice. This allows you to feed your baby in portions that he can finish and also avoid the monotony of feeding on one cereal every day. Additionally, all the cereals are enriched with essential nutrients along with DHA and probiotics.
  • Happy Bellies baby cereal is easy to prepare. Unlike other organic baby foods that requires endless processes to prepare; this particular one you just need to pour the desired amount of cereal into a bowl, mix with the right amount of liquid, it can be milk 9breast or formula) or warm water then mix until you get the desired thickness for the baby. That’s it very simple steps, and you have food ready to feed your baby.
  • This baby food is endorsed and recommended by expert nutritionists and doctor Dr. Sears due it DHA, so you don’t have to consult your doctor before feeding the baby as you already have a go ahead from a professional point of view.
  • Other than the nutrients and quality, this baby food product is reasonable priced for all the benefits you get. Retailing at an average of $0.95 an ounce this Happy Bellies organic baby cereal is by far the most affordable baby food you will get in the market today.


  • The only disadvantage with this baby food is the debate on the DHA which is yet to be ascertain by health experts. Otherwise, there is only too much positivity to say about this particular organic baby cereal.


Your main concern as a parent is to make sure that your baby grows and develops as happy as possible and in a healthy environment. Ensuring that your baby feeds on highly nutritious, fresh and wholesome foods is the vital aspect of continued growth and development of the baby.

With Happy Bellies Organic Baby Foods, you can get your baby not just to feed on tasty food but also acquire all that is necessary for the development process.

If you care that much about your little tot, then let him also have a feel of eating healthy and nutritious foodstuffs like you do feed on which in his case, organic baby food is the only best option.

Get Happy Tot Organics baby food for your baby and feel the pleasure of watching him enjoy his meals as he experiences the goodness in the nutrients supplied by this particular baby food.

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