How to Thwart the Annual Cash Crunch Season

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Financial shortages can crop up at any time, but some recent studies indicate certain times of the year are more likely than others to generate a temporary cash crunch. After delving deeper into the nation’s monetary status, researchers noted the months of September through January tend to present the greatest struggle for average families. These issues are usually short-lived, but they’re frustrating nonetheless.

Why Is This Stint so Unsettled?

In truth, the results of those studies make perfect sense. September catches the full force of back-to-school season. It’s followed by the culinary, candy and costume commitments of October; then, November kick-starts the infamous holiday shopping craze. When January rolls around, everyone is still recovering from the madness of the previous months.

Are there Any Solutions?

Though many people on the outside looking in would say cutting back on the spending easily helps offset the struggle, it’s rarely that simple. Fortunately, real relief comes in a number of forms.

  • Weave a Safety Net: Financial struggle season generally lasts about five months according to those studies, leaving seven more during which cash flows somewhat smoothly. Set aside $20 per week during those months to build a cushion to soften the blow when September rolls around. If placing cash in an envelope labeled “Do Not Touch” doesn’t work, consider purchasing universal gift cards instead because they’re less likely to be spent.
  • Take out a Cash Loan: Cash loans are fast-track portals to extra money as opposed to the sometimes lengthy waiting periods of traditional loans. Yes, they’ll need to be paid back over a short amount of time, but when used carefully, they can help stretch your income a little further. For more extensive details, visit
  • Befriend the Sales and Coupon Codes: Grocery stores and the entire retail sector are serious about boosting their bottom lines when big spending lies on the horizon. They readily offer sales and “exclusive” discount codes because these promotional aspects draw crowds. Keep an ear to the ground and an eye on the internet, and take advantage of all the special offers you can; after all, they do tend to add up.

It’s only fair to mention pretending the kids haven’t outgrown last year’s school clothes and the holidays have been canceled is actually the most surefire way to prevent a monetary setback. Since that’s not exactly practical or even possible in most cases, these more traditional alternatives will have to suffice.

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