Organic Baby Food Brands

Organic Baby Food Brands

Want to start serving your loved one organic baby food but are not sure which are the best brands in the business?

Here’s our top four pick in the organic baby food niche. Take a look…

Plum Organics

Baby food just got ultra-cool! Throw away the jars, they are passé. Use these pouches which come with a label of USDA Organic.

Only organic ingredients are used in Plum Organics baby food. There are absolutely no preservatives. You no longer need to worry about what your young one is chugging down his throat. Plum Organics baby food is as healthy as they get.

Unlike glass jars containing baby food, these pouches are ideal when you are on the move. Just throw them in the diaper bag, without worrying about them shattering. As these pouches are flatter and more flexible, carrying them is ultra-easy and convenient. What’s more, you don’t need a spoon— or even a bowl—to serve it. Your tot can enjoy it straight from the pouch!

Some parents are put off, wrongly in our opinion, though, by the “made in China” label. Truth be told, this refers only to the packaging, not the ingredients. You might not know, but the reality is almost 95 percent of packaging is made in the Land of the Dragon.

Most of the ingredients are US-sourced. Those which don’t grow here, like mangoes and bananas, are procured from Mexico. Everything is organic and healthy, though.

Earth’s Best

You can’t possibly go wrong with Earth’s Best products. The name is synonym with high quality and healthy. Take a look at the ingredients and you would know what we are saying.

Earth’s Best baby food is free of artificial flavors and preservatives, as well as added salt or sugar. However, this does imply that you must finish a jar within 24 hours after opening it.

This baby food is not only healthy but also extremely delicious. Your kid will love to eat it. However, its price is a little steep. Most jar cost about $1.25 for a 4-ounce jar. Nevertheless, it is an excellent choice because of its healthy ingredients and delicious taste.

Ah, one more thing: the packaging is BPA free. Earlier this was not the case, but since 2011, Earth’s Best packaging is free of BPA.

Happy Tot

Happy Tot, just like Plum Organics, features pouch-based baby food. However, that’s just one of many similarities between the two. Happy Tot is almost as good as Plum Organics and the price of two is also similar.

So, basically it’s just the matter of preference. Some kids like Happy Tot more and others Plum Organics. One thing in favor of the latter is that it offers greater variety.

There’s one thing about Happy Tot that is less than ideal—and that’s its ingredient label. Their products aren’t necessarily named according to their primary ingredients. For example, pick their spinach, mango and pear baby food and check its nutrients. You’ll see this one is mainly made of pears.

Of course, organic pears are a healthy option, but it would be nice if the product label reflected the actual ingredients it contains.

Peter Rabbit Organics

Another great brand name in the organic baby niche is Peter Rabbit Organics. This brand boasts of a wide range of baby foods, all available in pouches with re-sealable caps to allow you to finish a single pouch in multiple servings. You can, of course, put the leftovers in a fridge. However, ensure that you finish a pouch within twenty-four hours.

Peter Rabbit Organics baby foods do not contain any added sugars. Some parents get worried at seeing the sugar content at a relatively higher side in these pouches. However, this is not a cause of worry.

You see, it’s processed sugar, not sugar present naturally in fruits, that’s unhealthy. Therefore, you don’t have to lose sleep over its relatively high sugar content.

You mightn’t like one thing, though. Like Happy Tot, the product labeling of Peter Rabbit Organics is slightly misleading. For instance, their “pea, spinach, and apple” puree mainly contains apple.

Agreed, this is not a big deal, but it would be nice if makers deliberately don’t try to pass over their products as something that they aren’t. The logic behind such mislabeling is simple: apple is cheaper than other ingredients, so the puree contains more of it compared to other stuff.

With that said, Peter Rabbit Organics products are really healthy and tasty. They are priced similar to other products on this list. So basically it all boils down to individual choice.

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