Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Baby Food Review

Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Baby Food Review

Eating organic is a big, growing trend—and for good reasons. Organic food is healthier and wholesome.

If you’re looking for baby food for your child, go for organic brands. There are many respectable organic baby food brands available in the market.

However, too many choices can sometimes make matters difficult. How do you choose the best one among the various brands displayed in the ‘baby food’ section?

Well, in truth, there’s no such thing as best baby food. Different toddlers have different preferences, much like us adults. However, you might want to check out Peter Rabbit Organics Pure Baby Food because it comes in ten different flavors.

Here’s our review…


  • Includes ten different flavors; one pack for each flavor
  • Flavors include: Mango Banana & Orange, Pea Spinach & Apple, Carrot Squash & Apple, Raspberry Banana & Blueberry, Pumpkin Carrot & Apple, Broccoli & Mango, Sweet Potato Corn & Apple, Apple & Grape, Strawberry & Banana, and Peach & Apple
  • Certified as Organic by USDA; Doesn’t contain any added sugar or salt
  • Doesn’t contain BPA in packaging


  • Organic

If you’re looking for a healthy snack for your toddler, you must opt for organic ones. Of course, they are a little costly than their non-organic counterparts, but with them you wouldn’t have to worry about your kid eating something that could be harmful for him.

These snacks are made of fruits and vegetables grown organically, which are just as healthy for young kids as for adults, if not more. Free of pesticides, harmful chemicals, artificial sweeteners or flavor and rich in nourishing fruits and vegetables, Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Baby Food is a healthy choice for young ones.

This baby food also doesn’t contain any added sugar or salt. Both are not good for your child’s health.

  • A lot of variety

There are many organic fruits-and-vegetables-based snacks in the market. What makes Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Baby Food stand out is its variety in flavor. This baby food is available in as many as ten flavors, with one pouch for each of these ten flavors.

Thanks to this baby food, you can expose your baby to new flavors. But that’s not all… So much variety in flavor ensures your child doesn’t ever get bored of eating this healthy stuff.

  • Easy to carry

Often, the problem is about feeding your kid a healthy snack while on the move. Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Baby Food addresses this pain area. You can throw the pouches in the diaper bag and carry them along with you. Your young one can chug down the baby food directly from the pouch or you can feed him through a spoon.

  • BPA Free Packaging

The whole purpose of serving an organic baby food gets defeated when the packaging contains BPA or other unwanted chemicals. However, you don’t have to worry on this count when you purchase Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food because its packaging is free of BPA.

  • A Tasty, Healthy On-The-Go Snack For Everyone

This baby food is not just suitable for, well, only toddlers, its taste is so good that even adults can enjoy it.


  • Can Appear Costly In Certain Cases

This baby food’s biggest attraction is its ten different flavors. But the variety in flavors can also make it unattractive to certain parents. For instance, if your kid likes only two or three flavors out of ten, you might not want to buy the full pack.

  • Contains less vegetables, more fruits

You might be a little disappointed with this baby food if you want to introduce your child to vegetables along with fruits. Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food doesn’t contain as many vegetable as fruits.

Also because it contains fruits more, the pack might not be so suitable for toddlers who don’t like fruits.

  • Some might find it acidic

Some mothers have reported that they have found Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Food a little too acidic for kids.

Verdict—Should I buy it?

Peter Rabbit Organics 100% Pure Baby Food is a great option for moms looking for something healthy for their young ones. Made of real fruits and vegetables, this organic baby food is high on nutrition, taste, and variety of flavors. The fact that you can carry the pouches with you anywhere is an added attraction.

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