Top Tips on Choosing the Best Organic Baby Food Brands

Top Tips on Choosing the Best Organic Baby Food BrandsTop Tips on Choosing the Best Organic Baby Food BrandsTop Tips on Choosing the Best Organic Baby Food Brands

There are so many baby foods brands in the market today that choosing one is difficult and at the same time, quite overwhelming. Many manufacturers of baby food, especially of organic baby food, provide all sorts of information to lure parents into buying their products.

However, some of this information can be incorrect. Here are a few tips and some known baby food brands to help you through the choosing process.

Is the product certified?

All organic products need to be certified by the relevant authorities to be branded as safe for consumption. There should be some logo or symbol indicating that it is legally certified.

Certified products contain ingredients that meet organic standards. This means that they are farmed and processed without the use of pesticides, GMO ingredients, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Read the ingredients.

Before choosing any baby food brand, read the first 3 or 4 ingredients on the ingredients list. Here is an insight: the first 3-4 ingredients on most ingredients lists make up almost a third of the product’s content. This means that the first three ingredients are what your baby will be feeding on.

Additionally, some food brands contain ingredients that have no nutritional value but are only included just to increase volume.

Expiry date.

One thing that most parents fail to notice is the expiration date of products. One of the many reasons why you prefer feeding your baby organic food is its freshness.

What is the point of buying already expired food or the food that is a few days from expiry? Be sure to check the dates on the packaging as some may have been on the shelf for a very long time and therefore may have expired.

General packaging.

If you have read articles and reviews on organic baby food packaging, you have probably come across terms like “BPA free.” Some plastic packaging contains a chemical known as BPA (bisphenol A) that is very harmful to small babies.

Most products, especially baby products, are packaged in containers that contain BPA. To be safe, always buy products with BPA-free packaging.

Other foods (such as milk formulas) are packaged in metal container and sadly they also contain chemicals that may harm the baby. Be careful when choosing your baby food brand so that your baby does not consume harmful chemicals.

Best baby food brands

Earth’s Best

Earth’s Best has been a manufacturer of baby products for over 20 years now. Apart from producing baby food, they also manufacture toys, baby diapers, etc. As far as baby food is concerned, Earth’s Best strives to provide parents with reliable and safe options for their babies.

The brand produces milk formula, baby cereals, mixed smoothies, fruits and vegetable blends among other products. All their baby foods are processed according to stages i.e. infant stage 1, 2, 3, toddlers and even children who are over 1 year.

Happy Babies

Happy Babies may be confusing to many parents, especially to those who are used to the Happy Bellies brand. This is because the company did a recent rebranding and changed from Happy Bellies to Happy Babies.

That being said, Happy Babies is a brand under the umbrella of happy family. They are widely known for their wide range of baby products that goes beyond baby milk formulas.

Known for their probiotic baby food products, Happy Babies brand incorporates the processing technique in producing baby cereals and snacks that are healthy for consumption.

Happy Tot

Do you want your child to always have a happy face? If yes, then try Happy Tot organics baby food. This brand focuses mainly on producing organic foods that range from whole meals, fruits, vegetables to smoothies and snacks.

Happy Tot was founded by a parent who was conscious about what their child eats and therefore decided to provide an easy but safe option for parents to feed their babies.

Being a recently launched baby food brand, they are working hard towards expanding their flavors and baby food options.

Plum Organics

When you think of a brand that provides tasty, colorful and adventurous baby feeding options, then consider Plum Organics. This brand was founded by a father who had strong beliefs for healthy eating and was passionate and concerned about what his daughter was being fed on.

For this reason, it is only fair to say that Plum Organics baby foods are safe and reliable. Additionally, their products are all 100% USDA certified. Now you know why I said that they are safe.

Baby’s Only

Baby’s Only is a baby food brand that is uniquely known for producing baby food products with probiotics. Additionally, they utilize DHA derived from egg yolk. This is the reason why Baby’s Only is a preferred option for babies with sensitive bellies who are prone to allergies.

As much as choosing the best baby food brand that you can trust is difficult, these abovementioned tips may help you get started in your search for the ultimate brand that will click well with your baby and will also make you a happy parent.

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