Vermont Organics Milk-Based Infant Formula with Iron Review

Vermont Organics Milk-Based Infant Formula with Iron Review

Yes, your gorgeous baby surely rocks—but life as a new mom might prove a little rocky in the beginning. You’ll have to make many big decisions, and half of the time you might not be sure which way is the right way.

Thankfully, picking a right infant formula, while as important a decision as any other, is not so difficult to make. That is, if you keep things simple.

Experts recommend new moms to pick something which is healthy (read: organic) and which their baby likes. Also keep in mind that you might have to try out a few infant formulas before your child finally approves one.

Vermont Organic Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula with iron is a healthy option for your baby. It’s organic and contains nutrients which your child needs for growth. Equally importantly, it tastes and smells better.


  • USDA organic, free of gluten
  • Contains no growth hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides
  • Contains DHA, ARA, and other important ingredients
  • Delivered anywhere in the U.S.


  • Contains DHA, ARA, and other important nutrients

First thing first, Vermont Organics infant-formula has everything that your baby needs for all-round development. It has DHA, ARA and other necessary nutrients.

Giving your baby extra DHA and ARA ensures he gets off to the healthiest start. DHA stands for docosahexaenoic acid and ARA for arachidonic acid. Both are omega-3 fatty acids.

The importance of DHA for a baby’s health can’t be overstated enough. Human brain grows more rapidly in the first two years than any other time. As a matter of fact, human brain develops as much as 175 percent in the first year.

DHA supports brain development, apart from being good for the eye, nervous system, and immune system. ARA too is crucial for brain development.

Both DHA and ARA are present in mother’s milk. However, studies show that most children don’t get as much DHA as they need for optimal growth and development. Thanks to infant foods, like Vermont Organic infant-formula which contains DHA and ARA, new parents have one thing less to worry about.

  • It’s Organic

The USDA has certified Vermont Organic baby formula as organic. What it means is that it doesn’t contain GMO’s, growth hormones, and antibiotics, all of which are harmful for baby’s health. The Vermont Organic baby formula is also free of pesticides and corn syrup solids.

In short, it doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff which can compromise your child’s health and growth.

  • Tastes better

This infant food doesn’t have an after taste like some others. Its odor is also not as strong as of many other baby foods. The best part, however, is its taste. Most babies like it—and that’s no small relief for moms because babies can be extremely choosy when it comes to infant food.

  • Good for babies with sensitive system

Vermont Organic baby food is easy on the digestive system. This is indeed good news if you are a mom of a baby who’s a sensitive tummy.


  • Contains soy ingredients

Vermont Organic baby food contains soy ingredients, in addition to milk ingredients. Soy is not recommended for babies, unless he is allergic to cow’s milk and then only usually as the last resort. Soy proteins can blocks digestion and absorption of nutrients.

  • Exact formula as Kroger’s and Walmart’s organic formula

The Vermont Organic formula is made by PMB Nutritionals. Majority of store-brand infant formulas are made by them. In fact, the formula used in this product is the same one used in Kroger’s and Walmart’s organic formula, both of which are considerably cheaper than Vermont Organic baby food.

However, most mothers agree that Vermont’s infant food tastes and smells way better than most store-based infant formulas, including Kroger’s and Walmart’s.

Verdict – Should I buy it?

If you are looking for an organic infant formula, yes, Vermont Organic Milk-Based Organic Infant Formula is a good option which you can consider. It contains all necessary ingredients that a baby needs for growth and development in the first year.

Its formula is pretty much the same as of Kroger’s and Walmart’s, both of which are cheaper. However, if your child is a little picky regarding his infant food—which most babies usually are—Vermont Organic will prove to be a right choice. Unlike these two and many other baby formulas, it doesn’t have a strong odor or after-taste.

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